Bake with anna olson

Episode 8 - Season 1 - May 14, From energy gems, to chocolate avocado mousse to skyr cheesecake, these treats are virtuous and delicious. Light and fluffy, Swiss meringue is something every pastry chef must learn.

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Retrieved 11 March Anna knows that all great pastry chefs have a recipe for pastry cream in their repertoire and, in this episode, she shows how to perfect this thick, rich custard filling to create delicious, versatile and delicate cakes and pastries.

Bake with Anna Olson

Episode 17 - Season 1 - May 23, These treats are perfect to serve when the air outside turns a bit chilly. She starts with Classic Cranberry Almond Biscotti. Finally, Anna caps things bak with a grand Chocolate Berry Cake with Italian Buttercream—this is the most stable of all buttercreams and used for elaborately decorated cakes.

For a real challenge, Anna shares the ultimate dessert for the cheesecake lover— velvety Key Lime Cheesecake.

These are rich, dense little chocolate cakes. The Home Channel Newsletter.

Danishes are a bakery staple and can make any breakfast extra special. Everyone from novice baker to professional needs a wwith really tasty sweet breads in his or her arsenal. There are few things more rewarding than a freshly baked pie.

Crackers come in many different styles and flavours and when made from scratch they are anything but ordinary! Episode 15 - Season 2 - October 25, Egg whites and sugar are heated together and then whipped into a frothy heaven.

Batter cookies start with a soft fluid batter and once baked turn into rich, delicate cookies that melt in your mouth. klson

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This is a pink and white witj cake covered in marzipan. Episode 12 - Season 1 - May 18, Then she puts a twist on an old favorite with Individual Marzipan Fruitcakes.

In this episode Anna shares her secrets and techniques to making the perfect pie dough. Petits Fours are little French two-bite cakes. She starts with basic Croissant Dough recipe and then works that dough into Classic Filled Croissants: She demonstrates how makes classics from Quebec, Wnna and Italy. Episode 16 - Season 3 - November 27, In this episode Anna shares her secrets for making perfect French meringues.

She begins with a basic vanilla cream and prepares Strawberry Cream Tarts. Chef Anna Olson explores the delicious world of lemon cakes.

Anna demonstrates three staples that every pastry chef learns in school. Episode 5 - Season 3 - October 23, Anna bakes up three different styles that are sure to please.

Bake With Anna Olson

Episode 26 - Season 1 - October 5, Buttercream is the most popular of all frostings and can be made in a variety of styles to suit different types of cakes. One little word says so much!

Anna shares three of her absolute favourites. This basic English custard sauce is a familiar companion to plated cakes, tarts and other desserts, but it is also the foundation for other pastry chef creations. Episode 34 - Season 1 - October 15, Episode 13 - Season 3 - November 20,

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