Angel arena eclipse

Become a god, killing the gods, acquiring godlike items, and much much more. Feb 7, The community is pretty lively, at the same time Eclipse is something completely different than Angel Arena Allstars. Also im workin on another angel arena so gimme a shout if you want to help beta test. Most of the map is balanced, for the most part.

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Sat Oct 03, 1: If its my version your talking about, with all the elemental gods: No registered users and 1 guest.

Angel Arena Eclipse

There is a TON of better and cooler items that you can acquire throughout the game. Dec 4, Early late-game items via another location which, again, takes nothing more than walking.

The circle of power to change into idlow and the other godly heroes is also there. They do have some variances, 2 can make clones and some have an aoe, so its just whichever one you like more. Arczi Wed Oct 07, Share This Page Tweet. Please note the red text is my reason why they should be rules. Hidden late-game items obtainable by merely walking to it. Basically their all the same, all look like illidan, all have a blink, and their stat increases increase their stats by instead of the typical 1.

The secret heroes are easy to get, mainly just kill them and get their item drops, then take it to the centre circle. Your aren or email address: Last edited by Brando on Fri Oct 02, Who is online Users browsing this forum: Most of the map is balanced, for the most part.

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Though, there are still some concerns with this map that wngel people questionable mainly because the late-game heroes all have blink the godly ones and of course it's a global blink around the entire map so if nabo.

So, if anyone is able to kill arfna let us know. Talk to mods on ENT chat. Discussion in ' Warcraft General ' started by JaujarahjeMar 30, AAE lives off of jesus christ imo because of how big it is and no teleportation access. I can't guarantee that eclipse will be any better, especially with it's reputation but I'm willing to support eclipse being added only if it is the map I just posted.

Assuming this version is like other eclipses, some of the heroes in the selection will insanely overpower the others. I support the map you posted also! How to trigger "jesuschrist"? The community is pretty lively, at the same time Eclipse is something completely different than Angel Arena Allstars.

Eclipse is a much much more fun game with secret items, gods, and just overall imo, and I feel that allstars gets very boring after a while. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

Though, I do know of a better and more stable version of eclipse which Arsna will list below because, as I said earlier, eclipse was always my first. I thought it's AAE only now.

Angel Arena Eclipse | Page 3 | The Helper

Renji is obtained by killing the hero Renji by going through the top gates and into the circle of power at the end. If u need anymore help on this map just ask me. Do not abuse the -kick command as red on eclkpse player. Some of the so-called advantages in-case nabo.

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