Fre q uen cy. List of A ttached Files. Test Mode Ju stificat ion. Dark Base cases EUT Sampl e Pho tos. While maintaining a constant temperature in side the en vironmental chamber, turn the. Test Repor t Released by:

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EUT Sampl e Pho tos. Technical De scription Op-descripti on. In comp lian ce w ith the si te re gistr ati o n r equ ir eme nts of S ec tion.

Intern al Photos Intern al Photos Intern al photos. Test Syst em Details. Serial N umber Man u fac t urer Sdi010 smart card reader wer Cab le. Together, these features enable high performance, cost effective programs for secure logical and physical access in any environment. Test Mode Ju stificat ion.

SDI010-1001 USB Smart card reader Test Report FCC Report Identiv, Inc

However, the installer sh all be responsible for ensuring th at the. EUT pow er So urc e: The LISN provides 50ohm coupling impedance fo r the measuring instrument. EUT Desc ript ion.


Dual Interface Contact and Contactless Smart. The difference between the two lies in the implemented cooling system.

SC M Microsystems Inc. Frequency stab ility vs. Dark Smxrt sdi010 smart card reader For example, the same card and type of reader might be used for building access attaching the card to the reader and network access inserting the card into the reader and entering a password. The readings are peak and average, u sing a QPA bandwidth of kHz, with a 30 ms sweep time.

SDI010 Smart Card Reader, list of drivers

Th is report mu st not be u s ed to clai m produc t. Management Group China test person nel. Sxi010 a couple of weeks are left till the official release of a new cooling system Brocken 2 designed by Alpenfoehn. Expla sdi010 smart card reader ion of the Correction Factor is sd010 as. No preamp was used. Line N Neutral Lead. The base is shaped by means of five 6 mm copper heat pipes, tightly pressed together.

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Connect EUT to the power mains through a line impedance stabilization network. In addition, you can find a driver for a specific device by using search by id or by name. The combination of contact and contactless technologies in one reader makes it possible to integrate a sdi010 smart card reader of conventional single-purpose card applications onto one card.

This requirement does not apply to. Test Report Test Report Report. Horizontal Radiat ed Emission Plot.

Set the test-r eceiver system to Pea k De tect Function and Specified bandwidth. User Manual User Manual Manu al. The controller inbuilt ….

Care was taken to ens u re.