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You're Good to Go! Much like a real family, your virtual family just spends your money and gets angry at you when you forget anniversaries and birthdays. You're also given the option to give motivational speeches at halftime, and based upon the ratings for each player, you can choose to praise, criticize, or motivate players on an individual basis. It's a change from the main FIFA series, which usually takes the licensed-pop music approach. In the 3D match mode, the crowd reacts to what's happening in the game, while the excellent commentary is supplied by John Motson and Ally McCoist.

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It's a change from the main FIFA series, which usually takes the licensed-pop music approach.

Just like in real life, in FIFA Manager 07 you'll need to create a team of players that can function together to succeed. A 007 manager will check in with supporters on a regular basis to find out how they feel, and they can try to boost their PR by giving away free tickets or holding an autograph session.

You can choose to live the single life, have a partner or get married and have children. Depending on which club you sign to, the board and fans will have different expectations of what you need to achieve during your time there.

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Even better, it doesn't feel like a showy gimmick, as FIFA uses the licensing to support the game underneath. FIFA Manager 07 presents players who are available on 70 transfer market so that you may make a bid, as well as letting you make offers on players not on the market. This includes telling individuals how to play in amnager key areas, such as passing and crossing. On a basic level, you do this by setting training regimens, choosing formations, and adapting tactics to each team you play.

FIFA Manager 07 Review

Each club has a 3D stadium representation that you can explore and rebuild as needed, and you can sell ad space around the pitch to real-world sponsors such as Barclays and EA Sports. Boasting all these features means that FIFA Manager 07 can compete with other football management games on the market, but it also brings a couple of other quirky issues to the table.

In another strange design choice, you can use the keyboard to manipulate one single player on the pitch, but he controls so poorly that it's made more or less pointless. If you play golf on a regular basis, you can lower your handicap, which will have a positive influence in business relationships. Much like a real family, your virtual family just spends your money and gets angry at you when you forget anniversaries and birthdays. The audio in the game does a good job of capturing the atmosphere of match day, while the music in the menus lightens up what is effectively a fancy database.

At halftime, you can choose to criticise, motivate, or praise individual players, in addition to the overall team.

And if you're a fan of the club in question, you should also know a little bit about the individual players in the team. There's also a Sim City-style view of all your facilities, including press centres and physiotherapists, all of which can be expanded once you have the funds.

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FIFA Manager 07 offers 52 leagues from 29 countries, covering most of the major European teams and some of the Asian and American ones, too. The game is even so modern and politically correct as to offer same-sex marriage and adoption options, but it all feels a bit tacked on in a football management game.

Another new addition, and one that made its first appearance in Football Manager this year, is the ability to set up business partnerships with other clubs to loan players and give them more experience--something that definitely pays off in the long term.

One of the most important things you need to do as manager is find the best players to join your team. Overall, FIFA Manager 07 is an excellent introduction to the sometimes-overwhelming world of football management games.

Upvote 5 Leave Blank. You're Good to Go! If you're not performing, the fans and the media will be the first to call mnager your dismissal, and as the confidence of the board dwindles, you may well be sacked or forced to resign. FIFA Manager is an accessible introduction to the management genre, as you can assign nearly every task to your assistants.

It doesn't come close to offering the realism or global depth that Football Manager does, and features such as a private life and the ability to control a single player feel like they're tacked on without adding anything to the experience. Because of this, FIFA Manager 07 is a great introduction for newcomers to the genre and is a gentler start than something like Football Manager might be. While this list should keep most football fans happy, it's by no means as comprehensive as the leagues that feature in Sega's recent Football Manager You also need to engage in your own bit of PR, talking to the press on match day, both pregame and post, and choosing whether you want to represent yourself as a democratic manager or an autocratic one.

Players don't make the sloppy mistakes that blighted LMA Managerand while they certainly play an aggressive game, it gives you a good indication of who's performing and who's letting the side down. However, you can choose to delegate practically every aspect of the game to your assistant managers, freeing you up to concentrate on key areas such as signing new talent and managing the first team.

The final piece of the management puzzle is marketing and facilities, and you need to spend time looking after both the stadium and the fans that fill it. Who you choose to manage is up managef you, and while many of you are likely to choose the real-life team that you support, some will relish the challenge of taking a struggling side and amnager its fortunes.

On an advanced level, you also need to worry about individual and group morale, resting players, and giving substitutes experience, as well as setting up international training camps.

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