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Plus it one-ups both of them on WebKit's Sunspider benchmark. The browser you're currently using might not be the best, but you've probably become use to its idiosyncrasies over the years without realising there are better options around that will make your life so much easier. The free web browser comes with tools to capture videos from web pages, built-in Adblock Plus, night mode, screenshot tool, email client, password manager, note taking tool, etc. That's not to say this browser is perfect.

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​What's really the fastest Windows 10 web browser today?

Chrome vs Firefox vs Edge. That's not just on top-end computers, either — the new Firefox makes frugal use of RAM, even with masses of tabs open. Want something a bit different? Future versions of the browser will make it very clear when sites aren't using HTTPS encryption, aiming to make it standard throughout the web.

However, it can be tricky to break out of your comfort zone. The inbuilt screenshot tool is what I like the most; it can quickly take long screenshots of web pages.

It came in second to last. Both broeser a desktop app and a UWP app for Windows The fastest browser beat the second fastest bedt There's even a new version of Firefox designed specifically for browsing the web in virtual realityand Mozilla releases beta versions of new features frequently through its Test Pilot program. The desktop version of the web browser includes some features that are usually designed for smartphones, like, a data compression mode, and battery saver.

Maxthon offers extras such as Maxnote for clipping things from the web, Passkeeper for logins and UUMail for virtual inboxes. Edge works on all your Windows 10 devices, with sandboxing for security and a special reading mode to isolate the important content on pages. In a short span of time, Brave has earned a reputation of a privacy-focused web browser.

The switch from bursting data shapes to constant streaming changed the maths on NBN's fixed-wireless footprint. It's super-quick, hammers through benchmarks, its vast reading mode makes complex sites more palatable, and by sandboxing it away from the rest of the operating system Microsoft has ensured that Edge won't suffer the security breaches of its older brother.


The look and feel of the PC version of UC browser are equally appealing as other well-known browsers we see in the market.

Also, to improve data accuracy, we fsat each test or benchmark three times and computed the arithmetic mean or simple average of the three recorded results. Regarding extensions, it could be a little downside. Next to Notes is the Share button that people can use to share a web page directly over email or social apps like Skype, Twitter, Facebook, add fxst Cortana Reminders, etc.

Need for speed - What is the fastest Android browser?

The third benchmark, Browsermarkmeasures overall browser performance. After that, there was a steep performance drop off. The feature allows multiple people to use the same browser without getting their internet history, download history, and other things merged.

Web pages can be displayed in pull-out panels, navigated using mouse gestures, annotated for future reference, captured with the screenshot tool, grouped into tab "stacks" to save space or tiled to view them side by side. According to w3schools' browser trend analysis its user base is only rising, even as Microsoft Edge's install numbers are presumably growing.

My Profile Log Out. Earlier, Safari was available for Windows, but Apple discounted it a few years ago. Opera was second-fastest in our speed test and uses significantly less memory than the two market leaders. You can easily mistake Torch with Chrome because it looks almost the same and it is also a fast web browser like Chrome and Firefox. Tor Browser is a heavily modified version of Firefox that re-routed web traffic via random nodes worldwide.

It's produced by the benchmark professionals at Principled Technology This company's senior staff were the founders of the Ziff Davis Benchmark Operation, the gold-standard of PC benchmarking.

It also has full compatibilty with Firefox plugins. Find out how to change your default browser.

The company's reason, it seems, is that Edge represents the more user-friendly end of Redmond's offering while Internet Explorer scales a little better for enterprise. This compresses your web traffic, routing it through Opera's servers, bowser makes a huge difference to browsing speed if you're stuck on rural dial-up or your broadband connection is having a moment. Once again, Puffin is smoking the competition… by far. Previously we reviewed web browsers, benchmarking them for speed and rating them on features.

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