Around the fur

But I said yes for sure use it. It wasn't like I was up there going, Hey, we're shooting the cover. This shows the album's cleaner production and a tendency toward more melody in the music. According to Cavalera, emotions ran high in the studio when he and Moreno were tracking the vocals.

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Sorry, I forgot his name. That night the photo was taken, there was a bunch of people hanging out and I was running around taking pictures and I saw that girl sitting with her legs in the Jacuzzi. Around the Fur has been described as nu yhe [2] and alternative metal. To get stuck in one kind and one kind only, that's insane to me. Archived from the original on January 10, Stephen is who I used to try to keep in touch with but time passed and life happened.

Tbe Engineer Ted Jensen. Do you have the original photo like in your house or something?

I'm always adjusting my snare tension just to try to blend that crack with the fat sound. Archived from the original on June 18, And I remember the band being super stoked on what they just did, and wanting to keep going.

The resulting shot—the only photo Kosick took of the girl—ended up being the cover. I suspect mine was a similar experience to a significant number of human beings. We wrote him and asked if he could answer us a couple of questions about the photo that made one of the best covers in metal history, according to Revolver mag.

The story goes like this: On the back cover, there's a picture of the girl from the waist down. Facebook Twitter Instagram Rhe. I have heard some silly ass stories about me not consenting to this photo and well, yeah not of that shit is true. A nice little good-sized bong.

‎Around the Fur by Deftones on Apple Music

I had no idea this photo would have such an impact as it did after all these years. Retrieved 15 July It wasn't like I was up there going, Hey, we're shooting the cover. Queen of arround Damned Music from the Motion Picture But most likely, it's the vantage point: I only took two photos of her and one of them ended up on the cover.

That was the best. It's hanging on my wall.

8 Things You Didn't Know About Deftones' 'Around the Fur'

Maybe it's the pasty man-feet to her left. Alt-metal would never be the same. Skip to main content. Asher D — Dyverse". Live Back to School Mini Maggit.

My Life Story Frontman of most brutal band in the world recounts the experiences that made him who fuur is today. Do you have the photo framed in your house? Video of Deftones- Bong Hit.

So that's why I never really listened to heavy metal. But Around the Furreleased on October 28th,also evidenced a band that was as indebted to shoegaze and New Wave tge not to mention acts like Depeche Mode and the Cure — as they were to their throttling metal and punk forebears.

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