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Norse mythology is unknown to every enthusiast of slashers, however God of War is an ideal form of entertainment through which you can easily and easily get to know it. Wait until the installation is complete 6. After the unexpected death of his wife, he stays alone with a young son named Atreus.

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Prowess, did you say prowess? God of War was originally created to prove that Western developers could do combat as well as Japanese studios. Most Recent Forum Activity. Good is full and complete game. The titular protagonist is a witch capable of using her hair to summon demons.

If you hope to discover a story of gods, go your way.

God Of War PC Game download

Norse mythology is unknown to every enthusiast of slashers, however God of War is an ideal form of entertainment through which you can easily and easily get to know it. How did Kratos meet his wife? Reinventing a series is never easy. Good, do it again. It also features puzzles and platforming elements.

The Best Games Of So Far Frer we get caught up in the busy release season, we thought we'd take the fod to reflect on the games that have stuck with us from the year so Beyond its potpourri condition that includes all that has made the success of many hits, God Of War is a masterpiece that lives to one hundred per hour. You May Also Like: The music is numerous and emphatic, in total agreement with what is happening on the screen and their composition is matched only by their orchestration.

This idea godd really well seen because the said actions register without dead time during the fighting and incredibly increase the intensity of the clashes. On the spot he finds a new love and starts a family.

Moreover, their hero, the Greek warrior Kratos, quickly became one of the video game icons.

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Five years in which Cory Barlog and his teams have put everything back, from gameplay to scenario through the direction of the free. Despite his divine nature, it made sense to be interested in the human side of Kratos as well as the desire to tell a deeper and equally intense story through the quest for redemption of Kratos and the journey of initiation that he goes undertake with feee son Atreus following the death of his wife.

Thus, we can wonder if this title will have the favors of an audience which, it must be admitted, pays more attention to a big marketing campaign than to the opinion of a specialist press.

Just download and start playing it. The game was made at a high level due to graphic design as well as to the cause and effect sequence.

5 games like God of War you can play on PC

Your quest for redemption can then begin under the wise guidance of Athena who will charge you to murder the god of war Ares. In this version, Dante fee transformed from impossibly cool demon slayer to a punk youth brimming with attitude.

God of War First Released Apr 20, released. There are plenty of games on PC that offer similar experiences to the God of War series, so why not play one of those instead? Indeed, beyond the technique and the artistic aspect making this episode one of the most beautiful games of the PS4, the title does not deny at any moment its origins or even what happened in the previous opus.

God of War PC Game Setup Free Download

Between a gigantic hydra that you will face under a deluge sweeping your boat like a straw and a minotaur covered with armor that will be happy to make you enjoy his burning breath, it is an enchantment of every moment that you will return the retina. Logic therefore that the developers were gdo interested in the character by developing his personality. Therefore, the quality of the game is also due to the fact that Cory Barlog sought at all costs to question a credible evolution for Kratos while allowing some ellipses that may frustrate some.

In fact, for a little over 25 hours necessary to complete the main storywe are witnessing a balanced adventure whose goal is not to redefine a character, but to explain how his past is must not affect his present and the future of his son.

In short, although we would have liked a longer life count on 8 hours to finish in Normalit is appreciable to note that unlike DMC 3, God Of War does not blouse the player relying on artifices to increase the life artificially. It features quick time events that require the player to complete various game controller actions in a timed sequence to defeat stronger enemies and bosses.

This is gid due to the gwme absence of round trips, something rare in this kind of titles.

Following are the main features of God of War that you will be able to experience after the first install on your Operating System.

The post you might have seen on Facebook was a hoax, ogd God of War's director teases it could still happen.

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