I can now keep up with my boys without getting so out of breath! There was an error submitting your subscription. The secret to 20 Second Fitness is 20 second max effort intervals done in quick 4 minute workouts that boost metabolism, build lean muscle which will get you quick results!

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Share Tweet Share Pin it. Mommy Living the Life of Riley! He says that someone who runs fitnfss 4-minute mile is getting a fabulous workout, even though they only ran for four minutes and that is because they were running as hard as they possibly could for those four minutes. I received the 20 Second Fitness Workout Program in order to facilitate my review.

OK, you killed me today with Day 2, Week 2 of the workouts. As for the actual workouts this last week; they increased in time again. The authors break the regime down into Fast Fitness and Fast Strength: Paula, Frosted Fingers Last week I seconnd dead tired.

Can 20 seconds of high intensity exercise really beat a session in the gym?

Between work, kids, cooking and cleaning, I literally have no time to do anything, let alone head to the gym. The great thing is that the 20 Second Fitness Food Guide breaks it down for you into definite numbers through an easy to calculate formula. This is the first time that we've used a program together that he hasn't complained about it being boring, or not much of a workout, or "it's alright for you, but it doesn't help me much" or that it's a "girl's" workout program aka, too peppy of an instructor that it drove him nuts watching it.

My muscles are more toned, and you can actually tell I have biceps! Although I've tried to work out on a consistent basis, the fact is that I wear too many hats during the day and my time is stretched to its maximum. Discover the ideas, recipes, and strategies to easy homemade family friendly dinners and how to create memories around the table.

I am down 10 lbs to !

Yes, it's that time again! There was an error submitting your subscription. Just being able to get back into all of those cute clothes I have would mean the world to me.

My journey with 20 Second Fitness Week 3 Review: Feeling Stronger and More fit!

ALSO if you have any questions about how the program works, what it's like, or just anything at all just leave us a comment below! And 2 boys ages 12 and You can get a small taste from this short 1 minute demo vi deo: Once one set of muscles recovered; we focused on a new set of muscles which then took over being sore.

Loving 20 Second Fitness!! Last week I was dead tired. This will stretch and strengthen your shins. Notify me firness new posts by email. If you fill this in, you will be marked as a spammer. I was so anxious to get it!!! The secret to 20 Second Fitness is 20 second max effort intervals done in quick 4 minute workouts that boost metabolism, build lean muscle which seconv get you quick results!

Five tips for a slimmer physique.

Workout Wednesday: 20 Second Fitness

Have a wonderful day, Nancy! These two weeks will get you used to the exercises, concentrating on proper form and building your intensity in a safe manner to minimize soreness and fatigue.

In fact I actually gained a few pounds. I swcond such a believer! Loving 20 Second fitness!! I have an entire closet of great clothes that I would love to wear, but cannot fit into anymore.

I feel like dying!