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Candy Crush Saga I'll confess that I've never played a Candy Crush game before, as I've pretty much lost interest in the "match-three" phenomenon that was so popular once upon a time. Gunhouse is a curious number, a sort of mishmash of match-three puzzlers and tower defense games. It's a good thing I keep those thoughts to myself, as my performance in Wordament's perpetual worldwide tournament has been consistently abysmal.

My Rec ommendation for Monument Valley.

Touch input lets you adjust the angle and power of your throws. I Love Katamari Removed from Store.

The game's premise is simple: This is a good one. But if you're overwhelmed by enemies or dig yourself into a corner, it's game over.

Windows Phone/Windows 10 Mobile: the very BEST games in the Store

Ilomilo Ilomilo is almost nauseatingly cute: Avengers 4 will have a trailer by the end of Avengers 4 will have a trailer by the end of by Gael Fashingbauer Cooper. This 3D platformer pits ilo lower-case intentional against numerous challenges in windowa effort to reach milo lower-case intentional at the end of each level.

Destroy all the robots in the infected city to advance to the next level; there are 50 in all, with five different settings, plus 20 so-called "power-levels.

Long lasting adventure mode. Implemented as a table, I've kept the width right down and only used two columns, in order to be really phone-friendly! Tap to flap your puffball's arms, and stop tapping to deflate. Please do comment if you can add game-hardened suggestions for this top selection, and I'll incorporate them into the table!

I like to think I've got a firm grip on words, seeing as how I spend my days arranging them into sentences for a living. Your goal is to get colored drops of goo into their respective jars, but you're limited to swiping in a single direction.

Snake is the quintessential time-waster, a thumb exercise that's seen us guiding our reptilian friends toward non-descript fruit for time immemorial.

But this 2D sandbox game offers so much more: Or, you could drop your friends a line via Facebook, if you're so inclined. Recent additions include new monsters, power-ups, platforms, bonuses, and extra themes. But since Survivalcraft delivers the same awesome sandbox game play—right down to the retro-themed 3D graphics, object building from mined materials, and open worlds—it's good enough for us.

Get these great games on your Windows Phone (pictures) - CNET

Until the dreaded creeper comes along and blows everything sky high, of course. Instead of hurling birds at pigs with a slingshot, you place bombs and other explosives on the screen to topple gerbils.

Randomness of game can be frustrating. Hidden object Endless Fables 2: My Recommendation for Dungeoneers.

Angry Birds Phnes Angry Birds Stella is a spin-off of the dizzyingly popular bird-tossing simulator, and doesn't stray too far from the formula. Doodle Jump was the top-selling smartphone game of all time until Angry Birds took the crown.

A few swift punches will level the nearest tree, and you'll amass wood you gather to build tools to to crack stone.

Feed Me Oil Removed from Store. AlphaJax Removed from store.

Games for Windows Phone

Nine levels and 60 unlockable flying machines rev windods the addiction quotient. Slash and dice your way through pineapples, watermelons, bananas, and other produce with samurai swords. Few games deliver a sense of open space and wonder like this one, and the new age-style soundtrack certainly contributes to the effect.