Or simply an ex getting married,quickly. There was an error. Flag covergirl on August 14, General Comment Okay one paragraph needs to be corrected, after listening to the live studio version of this song, I realized this paragraph:

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Which implies that he is talking about the friends he shared with the girl he was talking about in the paragraph above. I don't try to interpret the songs in terms of any of the guys' lives botto.

At The Bottom Lyrics

Glory Fades Lyrics Degausser Lyrics. I had two conflicting ideas about it Regardless, I like the sound. The speaker of these botom doesn't try to ever justify himself. Something that wasn't passed on to this generation, even if it's something as simple as truth, whatever that may be. Login with Facebook Error: Manchester Orchestra's latest album which is great also has some songs that sound like Nirvana or even Black Sabbath.

General Comment i absolutely love the part about the lake. I usually brnd up Andy's strange singing sound to branr southern background, but Jesse's not from the south, so I don't know what's going on. He did choose my. General Comment its almost like a response to luca. Login with Google Error: And these are wrong anyway. I don't really brwnd it matters I'll tell you why in a second, see 4 2. That's how the guys wrote of course because that's how they feel, but I think everyone under 30, whether they have direction or not, is growing increasingly aware of the absence of something.

He rages in bitter distrust against past relationships, but still makes petitions to friends, family, G-d, himself, to love him. At the Bottom song meanings. General Comment It's "lives" Not "lies.

At The Bottom lyrics - Brand New original song - full version on Lyrics Freak

General Comment For the crazy breakdown bit, the lyrics are definatley: I don't think Jesse sounds branr Isaac Brock of modest mouse. Flag covergirl on August 14, But when it comes to "I'm slowly bringing you down from the Heavenly hottom Now I'm drowning in the flood I made Well explain myself to me on the other side I'll watch from Heaven when I die" I'm thinking "slowly bringing you down" is more like realizing she is not perfect, not what he thought she was.

I like Brand New the last two albums especially because I think they touch on a deeper spiritual struggle with the current generation. Jesse has never stood still when it came to song production, he's constantly evolving, and even though his last two albums may be where I want them to stay I loved Deja and Devil and God but the fact that he's still bringing the same passion, and lyrical depth, even while changing sounds and moving forwards.

More Brand New Lyrics. These lyrics are great.

I don't so much like Isaac Brock's singing though 4. Flag AlreadyHeard22 on August 12, SongMeanings is a place for discussion and discovery.

At the Bottom

As st feeding her drugs on a silver plate,he means if she was in this much pain as he's in because of her he'd do anything to take it away-- "A deer that a hunter shot in the heart Some dogs that got hit by cars All came to spill their guts And we spoke About the Father, Son, and Holy Nes And which songs we had loved the most And then we all turned to dirt And dust Some men die under the mountain just looking for gold Some die looking for a hand to hold" --perhaps saying that animals have more compassion and honesty then some humans,and die with grace and sincerity-- "I'm slowly bringing you down from the Heavenly gates Bdand I'm drowning in the flood I made Well explain myself to me on the other side I'll watch from Heaven boytom I die" I think this is implying his ex is going to hell "i'll bottkm from heaven when I die" he was nothing but honest,she wasnt so.

Well I try bringing you down almost every day Now I'm drowning in this flood I've made Well explain myself to me, from the other side I'll watch from Heaven when I die Needs to be changed to this: Log in now to add this track to your mixtape! Jesse clearly says MY friends. User does not exist.

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