Card saga wars

Just looking at the roster you can tell the game was started 11 years ago. I was just thinking about this game recently, there hasn't been news since months or years ago. Cool that this is finally releasing in some form.

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Also, shame that's just an old build. It was announced and shown off a very long time ago up to 11 years and was being developed by only 2 people. I've never seen any other fighting game on the MUGEN engine look so good, and it warms my heart to see it resurface.

I almost lost my shit when I heard about this earlier today.

wags I sqga sure this would never see the light of the day! Ahruon is an incredible sprite artist. So far each of the characters shown off at least shown in video footage were all from their own unique series with no overlap. Your name or email address: I haven't heard anything about this game in yeeaaars. Oliver states that initial release will include the four fighters in his teaser art Link, X, Cloud, and KOS-MOSwhile it will be updated to add eight more finished fighters.

Looking forward to playing this.

Card Saga Wars: [Old] Playable Build Releasing This Week

A demo was promised but never released until now. This is legit the holy grail of mugen games hands down. Will try to keep an eye on this.

What is Card Saga Wars? His professional obligation would be a conflict of interest with his fan projects especially since they have licensed characters from other IPs.

It's pretty risky of them not to release all the chars at once, tho. Keep in mind the reason why Card Saga Wars was put on an hiatus for 7 years was because Dani Oliver Ahruon worked for Gameloft Madrid and because of that reason. I've been waiting for this game forever. Looks like the wqrs roster of completed characters are: User requested ban Member. Still even with a small roster of 12 it will be an amazing crossover fighter.

Dear god does that make me feel old. I used to be so hyped for this. In utter disbelief it's actually coming out, even if only a half-finished version.

Prototype version

Just saw on twitter and freaked out! This implies that their new project will be their new full-time jobs and an original work rather than a fangame.

He adds that because this is an old build, it will be a little unstable and buggy, but playable. That spritework and animation is beautiful.

Card Sagas Wars – Protoype

Saw this earlier today and it's still a crazy surprise. My favorite games are Paper Mario: Gotta download ultrafast since it's claiming to be taken down by every company.

When was the last time Soma felt relevant?

It would be cars if they pleaded to continue with it or even transforming the game into a full comercial game. Wait this thing is still going? I was just thinking about this game recently, there hasn't been news since months or years ago.

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