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Dragon Claw merchandise added to the store. Well, I don't know if this is something really to bother posting about but I find it odd. Please click the google boxes to support this website. Click to dismiss or press ESC. Also, sometimes when I hit Evil Ken's hadouken with a projectile, it turns into a zankuu hadouken.

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Dragon Claw is released on MI.

We will try to keep Reuben's music on this site, but due to the costs involved, we will only be able to feature some of them from time to time. January 10, Limited time to use Infinite power!

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LOL, I'll be waiting for the updates of your chars then, especially since I saw that the difficulty of the chars depended keb the Mugen AI settings. Yeah the commands had many misleading labels there. Try your Best to do the Best.

It's highly related to where the target is when the first kick connects, if they're too close to ER and too low and then ER jumps a bit too far away and his shadow will miss, but you might want to have it drag the target more toward the center of the cross dive. To Speak Soundtrack added to Soundtracks Section. Click to dismiss or press ESC. Whisper in the Wind added to the Singles Section.

If you need to contact me use email, not private messages. Rvil the hitvel to let it hit properly, thanks. Something that's missing in new mugen perhaps only downloaded it today? I Mugen 2 years, but recently registered Mugen Guild would like to show off one of my work.

Mugen Evil Ryu and Evil Ken Vs Ryu and Ken - Video Dailymotion

Looking good so far! Such links are created from your forum URL and will stay valid in case your forum should kdn to a different URL at a later time. The wonders of that AIlevel trigger. KoopaKoot said, January 12, Other characters still always hit though. Think it happens because the Clsn1 on the first kick is so far back it lets Ryu hit people well outside of the right position.

Then chances are I've never heard of you either. But you cannot regret. Use anything you want from my works.

I work at Elecbyte as a sexy janitor. Well that's what I was trying to test. Formerly known as Monkey-Mugen.

And I just noticed the first mistakeDC's Sun Blast can only be done in one direction unlike what is said. Ah, and welcome to MFG bro. I will try to surprise and not blunder.

Fixed the Clsn1, should happen less or not at all now. The Ballade of the Warriors added to Remixes Section. But I'll wait for more before reuploading. Click to dismiss or press ESC.

Furiously Fast added to the Remixes Section The dive kicks could stand to have less randomness in their Clsn though, will fix them. Please click the google boxes to support this website.

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