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Designing own eCover with eCover creator 3D software is much simpler. Create eCover with Photoshop Action Scripts. Mastermind Templates is coming soon with custom template designs that can be used with the high resolution 3D eCovers ActionScripts and Smart Templates or similar scripts. Thanks so much for this!

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Adjust the shadow, reflection and highlights for your cover. Version History Here you can find the changelog of ECover Generator Pro since it was posted on our website on softwsre So all of the distort, resize, and other commands got recorded and can be played back with just a few clicks, and turn a 2D cover into 3D in seconds.

Thank you so much for this post! It was great to be the "first kid on the block" to be able to develop 3-D book covers and MP3 player images and put them on my pgo site. Great product, great value, easy to use and great support - all you need in quality software. So to filter down and decide which one I will pick as I skim through the movie covers.

The above list have 20 different eCover creation software with 3D form of eCover for eBooks and software boxes, DVD covers and Report images for various applications like squeeze pages and sales pages. This is a top notch product that is eaily worth ecoveg of dollars in saved designer fees.

ECover3d will guide every step to create good looking eCover.

No need to designs the eCover for yourself just give them clear idea they will do the eCover creation process for sales and squeeze pages. Sam 6 years ago. Which one do you recommend?

Sales are up AND we've saved a fortune on designer fees. Smart Templates are even easier and faster to use than action scripts.

efover Each one is premium quality and as good or better than anything else out there on market. On to my next cover already. Designing an eCover with our custom idea is now easy with eCover design softwares. Create eCover in eCover Engine.

Create a transparent background or flip the box horizontally.

CoverActionPro - Ebook Cover Software

So the super low price I came up with is…. These mockups are created with extra gloss and shine to create the sharpest presentation for your publications. Quickly and easily create 28 different eCover styles on the fly. This is more than ebook cover software.

20 Best eCover Design Softwares to Create eBook Cover Images

Mastermind Templates offers theme packages to make it even easier for you. This package consists of Photoshop action scripts and smart templates. Ron, I honestly don't know how to thank you enough.

If you can import some graphics and click a few buttons then you can make top notch professional style 3D eCover images in minutes. It would be great if you could recommend the top 3 for beginners.

Within minutes I had exactly what I wanted.

Download My FREE eCover Creator Pro

The largest and only collection of mockups specifically designed for the sales and marketing of your products. To place your order click on the link below. Once you understand how to use one, the rest become a breeze. Create eCover in One in a million covers.

Now, there ARE other eCover action scripts products out there, and chances are you already have a set… so the question is… What makes this set of actions and smart templates special? ECover Generator Pro version 1. With this eCover softward you no longer have to worry if it's compatible with your sodtware editor.

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