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Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. Watch this DailyMotion link to see how artists as early as have been avoiding BigBang whether they come up with solo or group releases. They seem like sweethearts, well-grounded, humble, and polite.

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They seem like sweethearts, well-grounded, humble, and polite. Now for my vote between Big Bang and Miss A. Lol your Coco shirt Simon!!! Yes Simon, yes TOP is a wizard. Big Bang getting rejected? We were totally excited to recreate G Dragon and Taeyang.

It made us quiver with discomfort. XD If somebody had walked around the corner while he was doing that it would have made it my favorite video of all time. Also, congratulations to the winners of the Big Bang Blue Contest: And, supposedly Fantastic Baby is coming out tomorrow, and that will surely dominate our Kpop charts ibgbang, and surely some people are going to complain about that.

March 6, Comments Bky First Most Liked. D On another note: Where is my fashion diva?

Quick Look: Big Bang’s “BAD BOY” | Chienna

Today was one of those days. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. See that disappearing BUS??

Sure, they were saying they were bad boys, wearing their pants around their ankles, and taking up entire sidewalks with their gangsta-step dance, but they were getting rejected the entire video. Share Post facebook Twitter Gplus. Martina if you watch the new teaser from big bang Fantastic Baby you will see that GD actually has pink hair like yours: I gotta go for Bivbang A.

Completely unrelated side note: The Tumblr gifs made out of this video are classic: Before the Kpopcharts, we would count all of the votes ourselves, and people would complain about transparency, and how we would pick one band over another.

What the hell happened? Big Bang two weeks in a row!

Unfortunately, the execution of the skit was terrible…perhaps one of our worst EVAR! Please prepare your site for another VIP bsd. Ladies Code and Car Accidents in Kpop. The window should be around one week, just to give the songs time to go up and then down the charts… then other artists should start releasing.

P raps without opening his mouth, talk to Heechul. I know a lot of girls are probably screaming their faces off over that idea.

BIG BANG (빅뱅) – Bad Boy (CC Lyrics)

Oh, but since the digital single Blue was released one week prior to the mini, they cleaned up that week as well. They want their songs to get a fighting chance in media play and mention.

Or something like that…. Big Bang — Bad Boy: Taeyang IS part of team Jacob!

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