When you do this, you will be prompted on screen if you would like to continue with the fast tune. It's also a well constructed piece of kit, and one that doesn't require any kind of modification to your GBA to use except maybe for one which I will elaborate later. If it came as part of your tuner package, you should have a registration code with the CD.

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Also accepts audio-video input and allows GBA to serve as a monitor instead. The current version of the program is 6. This version will not work in the US or Canada. Free trial File size: Screen Shot A big surprise was the rather loud sound supplied by the blzae built-in speakers. Outdoors in the sun was better of course, although adjustment had to be made to get the best viewing angle.

Glaze TV tuner is not fully working but is a nice piece to have and fix if you can. To unregister that filter, see ProgDVB free version http: It can search channels and record programs automatically.

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I then downloaded a trial version of Blaze ver6. Ask Question Make Offer. Is there a free program I blaaze use for watching TV on my laptop. The installation process is simple and straightforward. It came with Blaze software but it didnt work so i downloaded the program and nlaze came with trial period only.

I must admit, the picture quality is pretty sharp, thanks to the GBA's high resolution screen. Format Factory The ultimate free conversion software for PC. You must be logged in to contact advertiser.

BlazeVideo HDTV/TV player, DVD ripper, video converters, photo editing software

What exactly was the problem? I've tried everything else and they all suck compared to MyTheatre. Adobe Flash Player The Web's favorite video tunee animation player.

Got something like this at home? It should be noted, however, that a scrolling nag message re the Elecard MPEG-2 codec will appear at the bottom of the video window once the evaluation period has expired 21 days.

Ranking in Video Tools:. I can get the video editing bits to work but not the TV part. If it came as part of your tuner package, you should have a registration code with the CD.

There are some who provide features that users can use on a daily basis and get more out of their media solutions. Still, it was fun, just to see the amazing graphics that the Tundr is still incapable off. Well, it worked, but I don't see why anyone would want to do that, unless the TV is busted. ProgDVB rocks as they say.

This is because the Tuner uses the boot sequence from the cartridge to start the Tuner interface. More about BlazeVideo HDTV Player Since we added this program to our catalog init has already reachedinstallations, and last week it achieved 71 installations.

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Built-in mono speaker or 'Ear-phone' jack with independent volume control. Few of these media players offer anything extra besides their core functions and features. Special Pikachu Edition - Box in good condition, instructions in perfect condition Pokemon Gold - Box and instructions are is perfect condition Pokemon Silver - Box and instructions are is perfect condition Pokemon Crystal - Box and instructions are is perfect condition Dr.