Fix hot-unplug race in remove method – LP: Add alternate identifier for the 88SE – LP: Fix deadlock in synth voice lookup – LP: Fix video output – LP: Add new variable attributes – LP:

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Clone skb before setting peeked flag – LP: Reset reserved command ring TRBs on cleanup.

Do not waste memory on mods with no tracepoints – LP: Ignore port state until reset completes. Avoid endless sleep after disconnect – LP: Fix 64 bit builds with binutils 2.

Reset a halted endpoint immediately when we encounter a stall. Check crtc x and y coordinates – LP: Fix assignment of EP transfer resources acpi ven ite&dev 8708 LP: Decode and send 64bit time values – LP: Re-add missing scale attribute – LP: Fix mutex deadlock at unloading – LP: Support expectations acpi ven ite&dev 8708 different zones – LP: Avoid having aborted requests hang – Ite&def Move common updates to a function – LP: Fix function graph with loading of modules – LP: Fix RT signal mask corruption via sigprocmask – LP: Fix computation of merged request priority – LP: Fix compile breakage – LP: Fix dma channel unallocated issue – LP: Avoid deadlock in spurious handling – LP: Make platform serial setup always built-in.

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Don’t access uninitialized data. Plug acpo unlock race – LP: Update read stamp with first real commit on page – LP: Don’t depend on per socket memory for neighbour discovery messages – LP: Force a build for a 2.

Avoid overflows for very small reads – LP: Fix wrong value references for boolean kctl – LP: Don’t decode skipped layoutgets – LP: Allow cross acpi ven ite&dev 8708 reads and writes from cached translations.

Fix ftrace hash record update with notrace – LP: Added bounds checking for bulk command response – LP: Fix cputable entry for MP rev 1. Acpi ven ite&dev 8708 an unused variable – LP: AUFS — track changes to llseek in v2.